Our company offers user approachable Software to the Transportation Industry, our System can Streamline the whole delivery operations with our Powerful Software that enables companies and customers to experience products being delivered in real-time while offering drivers and back-office features expect to see from Modern Company. 

Our GPS Portal is an important tool for all Land Transportations can be utilize while on the road, not only does this help drivers avoid major traffic Jams, but it also ensures the driver is on the correct route, so their deliveries are made on time. With our GPS system, we decrease the chance of getting lost or accidentally taking a more time-consuming path. Ultimately, the advantages of using our GPS system drive with more confidence even on a new or unfamiliar route. A perfectly designed & feature packed app making it unified for customers to access on-demand service.  A user-friendly application for all the drivers to provide a strong satisfaction perspective.  

KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. strong Tools will be customized to your on-demand industry requirements, providing a genuinely exceptional experience. KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. will be receptive to our customer demands offering real-time in-app chat between consumers and drivers. A powerful all-in-one managed dashboard in which you can easily handle your complete dispatch & tracing.

Driver screening 

All who drives with KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. is screened before their first trip. In addition, KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. repeats these driver screenings every year and uses technology to look for issues in between. It’s part of our responsibility to help keep you safe when you request a ride with KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC


Drivers are background checked before their first trip 

Potential drivers must endure a multi-step safety screen that checks for issues including, but not limited to, driving violations, impaired driving, and violent crime. 


Ongoing checks are built into the KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. Platform 

We use technology that continuously obtains criminal violations from several data sources. If an offense involving an active driver is recognized, we’ll review these notifications to determine whether they’re still eligible to drive with KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. 


Drivers must pass an annual check to maintain access to the app.

KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. proactively reruns driving, and criminal history checks every year to ensure that drivers continue to meet our measures. 


Impersonation someone else’s identity is forbidden 

Drivers are continually asked to take a photograph of themselves, which we match against their on-file identification to help make sure the right driver is behind the wheel. 


Public Guidelines Implementation

KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. reviews all reports submitted to our Support team. Not following any of our guidelines may result in the loss of access to your KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. accounts. 


Car Seats 

Drivers and riders should comply with applicable rules when traveling with infants and small children. Where use of a car seat is required by law, it’s the rider’s responsibility to provide and fit a suitable car seat, unless our local guidelines, terms, or other policies say otherwise. Children-age 12 and under should travel in the back seat. 

When picking up riders traveling with small children, drivers can give them extra time to appropriately connect a car seat before driving off. If a rider doesn’t have the appropriate car seat, if a driver is not contented with a rider connecting one in their car, if a child does not appear to be within the height and weight safety requirements for the car seat, or if a driver otherwise feels that the child cannot be safely transported in the seat, the driver can cancel the ride. 


Service animals and Assistive Devices 

Drivers using the Driver app may not refuse a ride to a rider with a service animal or assistive devices (such as a wheelchair or crutches) because of the service animal or assistive devices. Appropriate laws generally forbid drivers from refusing service to riders because of their service animals or assistive devices, and from otherwise discriminating against riders with service animals or assistive devices. Intentionally refusing a rider a trip because of their service animal or assistive devices will result in losing access to the KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. Marketplace Platform. In the US there are no exceptions to this policy, even if a driver has documented allergies, religious objections, or a fear of animals. 


Drugs and Alcohol 

Drug use and open containers of alcohol are never allowed while using the KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC.  marketplace Platform

If you’re a driver or delivery person, by law you cannot drive while intoxicated. The law forbids driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that harms your capability to safely operate a vehicle. If you confront a rider who is too drunk or disorderly, you have the right to decline the trip for your own safety. 

If you’re a rider and you have reason to believe your driver may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, ask the driver to end the trip immediately. Please report your experience to KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. 


Firearms Prohibition 

Riders and their guests, as well as drivers and delivery people, are prohibited from carrying firearms while using the KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. Marketplace Platform, to the level permitted by related law.   


Trip receiving 

If you’re a driver and you don’t want to accept trip requests, you can just go offline or log off. This helps keep the system running smoothly for everyone. 

For drivers, and merchants, if you consistently decline repeated trip or order requests, our technology may assume you do not want to accept more trips or orders or have forgotten to log out and you may be temporarily logged out. However, you are free to log back in whenever you wish to begin confirming availability for trips again.  


Extra Riders and Non-account Riders 

When driving with KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC., no one other than the driver, the requesting rider, and the rider’s guests should be in the vehicle. These guidelines apply unless our local guidelines, terms, or other policies say otherwise. When riding with KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC., the account holder is responsible for the conduct of their entire party. If you request a ride or a delivery for another adult, you’re held responsible for their conduct during their trip or delivery. 


Vehicle Information 

For an easy pickup or delivery, the KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. Marketplace Platform gives riders-users identifying information about drivers and delivery people and their vehicles, including their license plate number, vehicle make and model, profile picture, and name. Inaccurate or outdated information creates confusion among riders and KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. users and can weaken their experience using the KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. Marketplace Platform. 

Drivers and delivery individuals must complete trips and deliveries using only approved vehicles. To provide accurate information, let us know your vehicle information and provide any updates to your documentation that may become invalid, like a driver’s license that’s about to expire. 


Seat Belts 

Seat belt use can be the most efficient way to save lives and reduce injuries related to vehicle crashes. Every delivery person using a vehicle, every driver, and every rider—including those in the back seat—should always buckle up. Riders should request a vehicle that has enough seat belts for everyone in their party and not travel in large groups that exceed the number of seat belts in the vehicle. Drivers can refuse a ride if there are not enough seat belts in their vehicle for every rider. 


Appropriate Care and Upkeep 

Pursuant to the terms of their contract with KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC., drivers and delivery individuals are expected to keep their vehicles maintained and in good operating situation, including but not limited to brakes, seat belts, and tires. This means maintaining their vehicle according to industry safety and maintenance requirements and monitoring for and repairing any parts that are recalled by the vehicle manufacturer. 


Share the Road 

Safe roadways involve drivers to perform safe conduct, which includes looking out for all travelers, regardless of how they get around. 


Ethics Policy

KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC.  reviews all reports submitted to our Support team. Not following any of our guidelines may result in the loss of access to your KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. accounts.