Data sharing and disclosure

Some of KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. ’s services and structures involve that we share personal data with other users or at a user’s demand. We may also share such data with our associates, businesses, and partners, for legal causes or in connection with claims or disagreements.


KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC.  May Share Personal Data With Other Users, This Includes Allotment:

  • riders’ first name, rating, and pickup and/or drop-off locations with drivers
  • riders’ first name with other riders in a carpool trip. Riders in carpool trips may also see the drop-off location of the other riders.
  • delivery recipients’ first name, delivery address, and order information with their delivery person and restaurant or merchant. We may also share ratings and feedback, or other information to the level mandatory by law, with the restaurant partner and delivery person.
  • for drivers and delivery persons, we may share data with the rider(s), delivery recipient(s) and restaurants or merchants, including name and photo; vehicle make, model, color, license plate, and vehicle photo; location (before and during trip); average rating provided by users; total number of trips; period of time since they signed up to be a driver or delivery person; contact information (if permitted by applicable laws); and driver or delivery person profile, including praises and other feedback submitted by past users.