Riders with disabilities

KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. is serving to expand flexibility and liberty for riders with disabilities, with features and resources like the following:

Riders with mobility disabilities

KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. is committing to make transportation more available and trustworthy for riders with mobility disabilities, including (wheelchair-accessible vehicles).

We consider that ridesharing has the possibility to considerably enhance mobility for individuals with disabilities. Drivers on the KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. platform are predicted to assist riders with service animals, as well as riders using folding wheelchairs or other assistive devices.  We are certain there is more that can be managed and consider that ridesharing can continue to improve alternatives for riders who use motorized wheelchairs and want reliable access to wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Today, in most cities, wheelchair-accessible vehicles are unpredictable and difficult to find through present transportation possibilities. The assistance possibilities need ordering a ride considerable as a day in advance, and often mean riders must wait until many other passengers are picked up and dropped off before they reach their destination.

Since KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. does not own the cars on our platform, we depend on the individuals using their own cars to use wheelchair accessibility vehicle on KABOU TECHNOLOGIES APP.

We’re dedicated to making accessibility an expressive component of what we do, and honored to be performing our role to support enhanced access to transportation for individuals with disabilities.