KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC., is a licensed and registered e– hailing software app company that aims to achieve drivers and transportation businesses under KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. We are based in Southfield City-Michigan– United States of America.  As we grow and succeed with the demand on the transportation industry, we will have existence in other cities/States across the U.S.A. 

We chose to operate in Michigan State because we know that our services will be in high demand due to the demographic structure of Michigan especially Detroit. We are well skilled and prepared with some of the best taxicab driver’s companies and comfortable cars to service our customers regardless of their social and financial position. 

Our services will include handling qualified drivers and fleet of cars under. KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. goal is to propose only the above stated services, but we are willing to modify our business strategies (additional services) as long it fits our essential services. 

At KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC., we are committing to quality of excellence in serving our customers and drivers with flexible services and integrity to lead our consumers to financial success.  We are very positive that our values and quality of service contribution will help drive KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. Company to desirable facts. 

We are devoted to launching good business relationships with our customers supporting with value for their money and motives for them to hire our services endlessly by continuing to provide high quality services. 

We are eager to the use of our Software app. services in the taxi e-hailing line of business, and other transportation businesses confident to excellent customer service and the quality of services we will provide that will place us to always welcome recurrent customers. Our customers’ interest, integrity, value and satisfaction come first to ensure our responsibility to the fullest. 

KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. is a Software System, transportation company that is situated to generate revenue and compete with business leaders in the transportation by permitted law (nationwide and international) in the United States of America to accomplish our business goals and motivation. Our services offerings are listed below: 

  • Recruiting, training, and providing drivers for partners under KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC.
  • Managing drivers and fleet of cars for partners under KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC.


Our vision is to succeed and expand nationally and internationally by investing and utilizing the latest advance technology in the transportation industry to serve with highest quality and truthfully all our customers and business equally. 

Our mission is to motivate with great success, profitable business that provides dependable drivers and cars in our State and expand globally with the highest level of quality and trusted services.  


Our Company Structure

We are alert that the victory of any corporate depends on its foundation on which the company is constructed on, and for that reason we decided to construct our software app company on the true corporate basis.  To construct a devoted workforce that guarantee that our customers and partners are happy. 

The fact matter, we are set to build a transportation services company that will be the standard for the industry in the United States of America. We want to build a devoted workforce that will ensure that our customers and partners are pleased, and they receive worth-value income. 

With the complete variety of our service offerings, we are expected as we expand to hire more as are required to run a predictable business. We will have a diversity of employees (full – time and contract staff) to strengthen the numerous service offerings of our company.